Microgrid Lessons from Global Markets

Organizations looking to realize the benefits of distributed renewable energy resources are seeking reality-based guidance on the design, implementation, and operation of cost-effective microgrid systems. The HOMER Energy microgrid conference series has consistently focused on how to gain these benefits.

  • This two-day program will carefully examine the business models, optimal technology mix, and critical steps for successfully deploying microgrid systems in remote, island, and grid-connected environments. We'll discuss refining the business model as well as effectively planning, designing, and deploying microgrids. 
  • We'll bring together government officials, project and technology developers, system owners and utilities, and other energy professionals from across the industry for in-depth information sharing and networking.
  • The Conference offers an optional half-day training in the HOMER software with certified HOMER trainers — both introductory and advanced.

Don't miss this opportunity to:

  • Refine your business model and technology strategy for your microgrid scenario
  • Learn from industry leaders about what works and what doesn't in implementing microgrid solutions 
  • Examine the experiences and lessons learned to date from leading remote microgrid projects around the world 
  • Network with key technology innovators and solution providers to identify the correct strategy 
  • Meet with project owners, developers, and financial professionals who are looking to deploy microgrid projects around the world 
  • Deepen your ability to use the HOMER software tool for designing and optimizing your specific project

Who Should Attend?

  • Project developers and owners 
    Who must evaluate how best to configure the technology mix and business model for their specific deployments 
  • HOMER software users 
    Who need to refine and deepen their use of the tool for hybrid systems design and evaluation
  • Network planners and utility professionals 
    Who must understand the latest trials and deployments of microgrids, and how they interact with the larger grid
  • Campus network managers 
    Who are charged with saving money while achieving higher levels of energy reliability, flexibility, and security 
  • Military strategists 
    For whom renewables-centric remote microgrids represent an opportunity to save lives 
  • Hardware and software vendors 
    Who need to stay abreast of the latest trends and market requirements in the remote, island, and grid-connected microgrid sectors 
  • Investment and financial analysts 
    Who are looking to identify and support high-potential microgrid opportunities