Join HOMER Energy and other industry leaders in New York City, November 7 and 8 2016, for the HOMER International Microgrid Conference – our largest yet and the first HOMER conference in the USA.

"In this group, there are probably the greatest number of people who have actually created a microgrid that I’ve ever seen or networked with." 

— Darrell Massie, Ph.D, P.E., CEO of IPERC

A Focused Educational and Networking Opportunity

HOMER International Microgrid Conference  offers an in-depth, methodical examination of the key imperatives for implementing cost-effective microgrids within grid-tied, remote, and off-grid environments. The program is closely tailored to walk attendees through the process of planning and deploying a successful project.

Registrants will come away with a concrete understanding of the best practices, design tools, and technology strategies for deploying microgrid systems — reinforced by case study presentations of leading deployments from around the world. Abundant time is reserved for networking with fellow project owners and industry colleagues.

Energy providers of all varieties are exploring the use of microgrids to incorporate renewable power resources, reduce CO2 emissions, and achieve energy security and independence. The remote, island, and off-grid systems sector is the largest microgrid segment worldwide, but the grid-connected segment is exploding as the solar-storage industry takes off, and the benefits become increasingly cost effective. HOMER® has been used to model and develop microgrids in every corner of the world.  

After three highly successful HOMER Microgrid Conferences in Mexico, Spain, and Australia, HOMER Energy is hosting the 4th Annual HOMER Microgrid International Conference 2016 at Columbia University in New York City.  New York is seeing a tremendous increase in interest in microgrids because the State of New York has staked out a leadership position within the United States for microgrid development as part of a major industry restructuring as laid out in its “Reforming Energy Vision” (REV) strategy.

Learn HOMER Pro - From the Pros at HOMER

The afternoon of the second day offers an opportunity for introductory or advanced training in HOMER Pro, by the people who created it. HOMER is the international standard for microgrid evaluation. Learn how HOMER can be used to make sure your microgrid brings you the economic and environmental benefits you envision it will.